‹berdruck Biography


It is fair to say that any harder trance DJ worth listening to across the globe knows the name of ‹berdruck. This name has become Synonymous with quality, fierce, hard trance over the past few years and the quirky, unmistakable, yet diverse sound has won favour with harder DJs worldwide, with many releases selling out time and time again, and unmistakable DJ sets!

Spearheaded by DJ The Crow (Dirk Nothroff), the story began in 1993 at the 'Reactor Club', which was one of the first techno clubs in Germany. With a decade of DJing already accomplished, Dirk was a resident at the club for four successful years before deciding to concentrate on his DJ Bookings, producing and setting up a studio. His successor was Timo Maas. The three years that followed gave The Crow releases on labels such as Dance Paradise, Blow Up, OXA, with his production partner at the time. The result was three Sales Chart hits in Germany and countless bookings with up to 5 gigs in a week!

Separating from his former production partner after three years of successful work, he teamed up with David Rzenno in 2000, and after sharing musical interests, the two built a studio. This was the forming of ‹berdruck!

2001 saw the release of their debut single 'What Ya Lookin At' (Tidy Trax), this was so massive it entered the UK singles chart! The follow up was 'Drugface', the response of this was even bigger! Nobody had heard anything like it and the track has become a timeless anthem in many clubs across the world, setting the trend for bassline pressured hard trance which was to influence producers everywhere! Many radio stations worldwide (with names as diverse as Judge Jules and Dave Pearce) played the track on their shows. The success followed with two more releases 'Now or Never' and 'Bloody Slut', which were licensed to many compilations, and played by leading names in both the hard trance and hardstyle world!

Many productions followed, with projects as 'The Crow', 'Drugface', 'C4', 'Toolboy', 'Schalldruck' and Lazard (their single of '4 AM' entering the German Top 40). Remixes for Organ Donors, Dave Joy, Signum, Gladheads, DJ Shredda, Fallout Boy, Rayden and countless others followed and received worldwide acclaim. The chart success continued with four of their productions entering the Sales Charts in Germany under the aliases 'Lazard' and 'The Crow'

As a label ‹berdruck Records has catapulted to one of the biggest, and fastest selling labels of its style in Europe and Australia, where many names such as Sam Punk, Mass In Orbit, DJ Slideout, Logger + Gnetic and many others have released many popular productions. Recently modern remixes of earlier tracks such as 'Drug Addicted Psycho' and 'Turntable Junkie' have become standout tracks in DJ sets, and collaborations with Sam Punk and Mass In Orbit followed a similar route.

The popularity of their sound, and a friendship with leading UK record store Germantrance.com lead to ‹berdruck launching their label with 'Here's Freddy', which was quoted as a 'behemoth of a hard trance track' and featured a remix by Sam Punk. Since then more productions for German Trance have followed and the popularity of the ‹berdruck name has soared in the United Kingdom.

‹berdruck regularly tour the globe DJing, having appeared in Australia, New Zealand, USA; Poland, Finland, Russia, Canada, Switzerland and many other countries, as well as their native Germany. The sets in the United Kingdom are frequent with them playing for every main hard trance event worth knowing. Bookings from Helter Skelter, Slammin Vinyl, North Technology, Atmosphere, Hindsight, Goodgreef, Infexious, Escape, Resonate, Frantic, Antiworld, Tidy, Tranzaction, Premonition, Dance Academy, Technology, Bionic are just some of the many names who seeked the ‹berdruck sound; and with their consistent effort and quality they are certainly an act worth booking to give the party that much more!